Dolls---"Little Birds"

("birds"  = "young women" but then I am an Essex girl!)

All the dolls I make are 'One of a kind' no two will ever be exactly the same, I can make similar to order if needed. Most dolls are approx 18-20 ins, the larger ones are approx 28ins. Please contact me for prices.

The dolls are all cloth bodied, machine stitched for strength and firmly stuffed with synthetic filling. They all have either button and/or ribbon tied joints for movement. The faces are needle sculpted and drawn in water colour pencil. The hair is often dyed fleece, raw silk or mixed yarns. Some of the dolls are dressed in vintage silks and lace, wherever possible I use recycled fabric, trims and beads.

Devon Flower Faeries

These little faeries are of a different construction, approx 22cm, all are made of sari silk, either free trade or recycled. Each doll is hand made and comes with its own certificate and an organza pouch to keep it safe.


A selection of little Christmas fairies and Angels

Christmas angel in white muslin

Christmas Angel in white muslin

Sparkly blue faerie
Faerie wearing a vintage cotton hankie

Christmas faerie
Christmas or bridal faerie

 A new range of dolls. These are small silk flower fairies on a wire frame. All are completely hand made using offcuts of sari silk

Devon Summer Flower Faeries in a captive in frame

A collection of Devon Spring Flower Faeries

Flower Faerie

Rose Flower Faerie

Flower Faeries

Spring Flower Faeries

Two little summer fairies, I will be making winter and christmas fairies later in the year

GabriellaThe most recent of my vintage ladies, dressed on vintage nets and lace with velvet boots.
For sale on my Etsy site

Issobelle, dressed in vintage nets and lace, with Tibetan lamb hair

Alice, dressed in vintage cottons. For sale on my Etysy site

Kristobell, a Christmas fairy

Honey Fairy

Cheery Fairy, for sale on my Etsy site

Scarlet, dressed in vintage lace and net

 My first little mermaid

Fairy Delight, made for the Jan Horrox Fairy Challenge


This, my most recent doll was made for a friend.She is wearing a dress of vintage silk and Indian lace.

This little gypsy doll was made as a commissioned piece. 

Primsose- a 28in doll with beading and embroidery embellishment


Little Fairies 2014

Little Ballerinas

Forest.  28 ins approx, hand dyed and embroidered/beaded body, hair is dyed fleece curls

Christmas Fairy2  sold)

Titania--vintage silk satin, lace and net. Leather boots. Hair is fleece curls

Natalia--Vintage silks, lace and leather, with dyed fleece curls

Veronica (28ins) (sold)

Mercy (sold)

Flame(28in) (Sold)

Indigo--denim, net and fibres

Maria (Sold)

Snow Queen--vintage beaded georgette bodice, sparkly tule skirt and velvet cloak trimmed with Marabou

Frost Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy (sold)

Christmas Fairy (sold)

 Rebecca is larger than the other dolls at approx 30in, she is dressed in vintage lace and silk
Rebecca  (sold)

Aurora--Chinese brocade gown and silk hair

Esmerelda---Indian sari silk gown and beaded arms and legs

Melody (sold)

Aideen (Sold)

Sophia--Vintage velvet bodice and lace trims, with a vintage mother of pearl and silver drop

Star (sold)

Ariadne (sold)

Violetta (sold)